Gain “Laundry Rules” Video Project – $18,000


While laundry is an important aspect of everyone’s daily life, it’s often overlooked. These days, men are doing just as much laundry as women and there are a lot of unspoken rules that go along with the process. The folks over at Gain have partnered with Tongal in hopes of finding unique and entertaining videos that will educate the public about these rules while showcasing the product’s “Lift & Lock” technology.

Create a 30-60 second video that highlights the technology through a guys’ entertaining and humorous  “Laundry Rules.” Some examples of the laundry rules may be:

  • Not sure if you should wash your baseball stuff with your wife’s clothes? Follow this rule: Yes.
  • A funky wardrobe is cool. A funky-smelling wardrobe is not.
  • Barbecue is wonderful. Smelling like barbecue? Not so wonderful.
  • Whether you’re wearing stripes or solids, nothing matches with stinky.
  • If the smell of your gym shirt is stronger than you are, it’s time to wash it.

The goal of your entry will be to speak to women 18-49 from a man’s perspective. The hero is a “guys’ guy”: resourceful, confident, charming, and funny. He is not cheesy, arrogant, sophomoric or macho. Be sure to note that since this is a video “project” in its final phase, the first 2 phases have come and gone. This means that you will be submitting to phase 3 “video” as a wild card entry (similar to traditional video contest odds) and you can utilize the concepts from the first phase to produce your video.

There is a $45,000 prize pool for the video phase which includes an $18,000 grand prize! $12,000 goes to 2nd place while 3rd, 4th and 5th receive $6,000, $4,000 and $3,000 respectively. Even 6th place takes home a check for $2,000. Again, only the 5 winning participants from phase 2 will be locked into winning these prizes, but 1 wild card entry will come in and possibly grab the grand prize. Will that be you?


13+, 30-60 seconds, Deadline: July 15th 2013


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