“Lego Hero Factory: Next Saga” Video Project – $100,000 Prize Pool


Tongal has had some creative encounters with the Lego brand in the past, but this time it results in one of the largest prize pools both companies have ever had. Think of this project as a sequel to its first Lego Hero Factory project. The story behind this project is that Akiyama Makuro and the Lego Hero Factory are up against a ruthless army of evil brains that act as a parasite, inhabiting the bodies of innocent animals and turning them into powerful destructive villains. They can defeat the host bodies, but the brains simply move over to another body. What’s a Lego Hero to do?

This is your chance to create an exciting idea, pitch and/or video for a computer animated (or stop-motion) Lego video. Because Tongal projects typically work in phases, you can choose to participate (and win) in one or all 3. For the first phase, the idea needs to be 140 characters and should fall in line with the Lego brand while continuing the Hero Factory story whose tone and sensibility appeals to older boys ages 9-14. Also keeping in mind some of the key marketing messages (tone, setting, toy elements) will give you the best chance at winning this round. Six winning ideas will earn $1,000 plus a 5% one-time residual of any winning video that their idea inspired.

For the pitch phase, you will need to provide 500 characters or less of description along with storyboards and video to support your method for producing an animated Lego video. The six most compelling pitches will move on to the video phase and will receive $2,500 to help produce the videos. Check out Erik Beck’s pitch HERE to get an idea of a successful one.

Once in the final phase, the six finalists will produce videos based on their winning pitch. They are guaranteed a cash prize at this point since there 7 awarded (1st place $30,000, 2nd place $15,000, 3rd place $9,000, 4th place $8,000, 5th place $7,000, 6th place $6,000, 7th place $4,000). The big question mark is where they’ll place. It’s also at this phase that all other creators are invited to participate since a 7th spot is reserved for a wild card selection. You don’t need to use any of the winning ideas from the previous phases either. It’s basically just like entering a traditional video contest where you execute the video you want and see if it wins. Be sure to read all the detailed rules on the contest page below. We can’t wait to see what is in store for Lego’s Hero Factory!


13+, June 10th 2013


13+, June 27th 2013


13+, 60-90 seconds (plus 15 + 30 second trailers), Deadline: August 1st 2013


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