Sole Society Commercial Contest – $28,000


Launching in 2011, Sole Society has been a hot spot on the internet for women’s shoes, handbags and accessories. The company releases new products weekly along with exclusive fashion and style content. Last  year, they successfully got their brand into Nordstrom and are not stopping there. After teaming up with Tongal, the company is now looking for a slick video they can promote on TV.

Your video should speak to the modern woman who loves fashion and style, but is not looking to pay a fortune. To keep in line with the brand, the 30 second spot should feel polished and high quality. The viewer should walk away feeling like Sole Society is a high fashion brand while still being affordable. Keep in mind they are looking to differentiate the brand from discount fashion retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls or DSW. They are not about slashing prices. So finding a way to create a cool lifestyle commercial is going to give you the greatest success. Check out the videos below for tonal reference.




There are 3 phases and essentially 3 ways to win this contest. First submit an idea to Tongal. In 140 characters or less, create a written concept that will inspire a video creator. Four idea winners will receive a $250 check plus a $250 gift card for Sole Society. If your idea is used to generate a winning video, you will also receive 5% of that winning video’s cash prize.

The second method for participation is the pitch phase. Create a 500 character or less pitch plus storyboards and/or a pitch video showing how you would produce a 30 second spot based one of the 4 winning ideas. Think details. Click HERE for a sample of an effective pitch. You will even need to include head shots for your casting selections. Two winners from this phase will win $3,000 and move directly into phase 3.

The final phase for this contest is the actual production. The winners from phase 2 will create a Sole Society commercial based on their pitch and have a chance to win a $25,000 grand prize. The runner-up will receive a still healthy $12,000. But wait, there’s still a chance jump aboard at this point! A 3rd place prize of $6,000 is also being offered and that means there’s one more spot available. The “wildcard.” You can create a Sole Society commercial out of the blue based on your own idea. You don’t need to enter any of the other phases and you could still win the $25,000 grand prize.

Head over to Tongal’s contest page to get started and submit your idea today!


13+, Deadline: May 22nd 2013


13+, Deadline: June 3rd 2013


13+, 30 seconds, Deadline: July 1st 2013


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