Taj Mahal 2013: Microsoft Video Contest – $4,000


Microsoft has dominated the market for over a decade with their productivity suite Office. Over the years, it has remained fundamentally the same…until now. Enter Microsoft 365. Although this product has been out for a while, it’s not on the top of everyone’s mind. Specifically mid-market businesses (100 or more employees and 50 or more PC users). Regardless, it has added key features that can be game changing. Now, they’re asking you to help them create an awareness.

Create a film that will speak to business owners and let them know of Office’s new features. The new system is built natively around the cloud and lets you store your files and access them from anywhere along with built in business class HD video conferencing. Plus the company is touting their product as now being a subscription service. You can subscribe monthly to the software to get all the great benefits for multiple computers instead of upgrading one by one.

These features let companies operate in a more collaborate setting. Show the viewer that teams and ideas can connect seamlessly while being able to stay mobile and access all of the tools online from any device. Build the idea that the modern office is flexible and no longer has limitations. Your film should not be instructional, but confident and smart in its approach. Use some emotion and even tasteful humor to create an inspirational tone.

This contest is a part of MOFILM’s Taj Mahal campaign so that means if you win, you are going to be spending 3 nights in Agra India with a sure shot at visiting the Taj Mahal. On top of that, you will be taking home a check for $4,000! Don’t forget that MOFILM now offers production grants for your projects. You definitely want to apply as it can only help your chances to create a killer film. Visit the contest site and read the creative brief to get started!

16+, 1 – 2 minutes, Deadline EXTENDED: Monday August 15th


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