Slim Fast Video Assignment – $7,500


With the new year right around the corner, Slim Fast is not only looking to get you in shape quickly, but with wants to do it with a whole new look. Enter the “14 Days to Get What You Really Want” video assignment. The brand wants you to help them reach two radical new goals: Push Slimfast into the 21st century and force women’s reappraisal of the brand.

The idea behind Slimfast is to swap out two meals a day for 14 days and see how good you will look and feel. Now, however, the company really wants concepts to focus on that 14 day journey along with messaging that focuses on the goal as well. They are essentially going to be breaking up videos into 5 creative categories that you can enter including (1) “Welcome Video,” (3) “14 Day Journey Videos,” and a “Congratulations” video. This will allow you a little flexibility when brainstorming.

One other note is that Slimfast is allowing scripts to be submitted ahead of time for review. While not mandatory, this feature usually allows some important feedback to delivering a winning product. And speaking of winning product, the brand will be purchasing 16 videos at $7,500 each for a total of $120,000! We know with that kind of cash, there’s going to be some serious competition so head over to the contest page today and get filming!

18+, 15 seconds-, Deadline: January 12th 2014


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