Entrances and Exits GIF Contest – $200


You may have noticed that Project ED has recently been launching some cool GIF contests alongside their educational video contests. We are really excited to see these since it’s a great way to create an animated entry that doesn’t require a ton of video editing time. So get back in GIF making mode because the “Entrances and Exits” contest has just dropped and we want to make sure you have a great shot at winning!

Project Ed has created a list of vocabulary words that focus on movement. Since they say a single movement can express 1,000 words, it’s important to know how to properly use each one. After you select one, ¬†create an original GIF animation that creatively conveys the meaning of the word while also displaying the word, part of speech and definition. Check out this great example.

The company is giving away $200 for the top entry and $50 for all finalists. Happy GIFing!

13+, 2 mb-, Deadline: March 10th 2014


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