AFI “A Deep Slow Panic” Music Video Contest – $500


One of our favorite albums released last year was “Burials” from California based rock band AFI. While the group dropped two music videos (“I Hope You Suffer” and “17 Crimes”) and a single (17 Crimes), they subsequently went on tour and have been going nonstop since. It comes as no surprise that they have decided to turn to their fans to help create the next AFI music video. Not ONE music video by a single creator, but a compilation of footage from multiple entries to build the ultimate video masterpiece. Let’s get started!


First, download one (or all) of the contest themes which are essentially a musical slice of “A Deep Slow Panic.” Each part correlates to one of the following emotions: PANIC, ANXIETY, COLLAPSE and LOSS OF SELF. Next, select a theme and create 45 seconds of conceptual footage to go along with it. Your entry can be as creative or artsy as you want and will be featured on the band’s website. The entries that make the final cut will go on to be included in the official music video for “A Deep Slow Panic.”

“17 Crimes” by AFI

One lucky grand prize winner will also win $500 and even receive a one on one Skype chat with the band! Head over to the contest page and get started today!

13+, 45 seconds, Deadline: March 28th 2014


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