“Oopses and Uh-Oh’s” GIF contest – $200


Everyone makes mistakes, or gets an unpleasant surprise every now and then. We all know what it feels like when best laid plans go haywire, backfire, or have unintended consequences. But that doesn’t make these cringeworthy surprises any easier to swallow in the moment, does it? ProjectEd has created a list of “oops” words that are the backbone for its new GIF contest. What’s a GIF you might ask? It’s a short moving image that loops to create a powerful message. Check out a finalists from ProjectEd’s “Words That Describe Action” GIF contest below.

Select one of the following words: falter, fumble, miscarriage, amiss, dismay, chagrin, taken aback, askance. That’s the hard part! Now create a short image sequence (video or animation) that conveys the definition of that word. Be sure to display the word, part of speech and definition, in your GIF. The top selection will receive $200. Good luck!

13+, 2mb-, Deadline: April 7th 2014


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