“Tricksters” Video Contest – $1,000


In the sprit of April Fools, Project ED has released a video contest that celebrates the tricksters who will no doubt be having a field day today. While these sneaky humans will aim to pull the wool over our eyes, we can’t help but deny the fun that might be had in the process. This is why Project Ed has turned its attention toward videos that will help explain some sneaky words in a clear way.

Select one of the following words: guile, devilment, scoundrel, saucy, conceal, hoax, incognito, deceived. Your job is to create a short video that defines the word as well as displays the part of speech and includes an example sentence. Need some inspiration? Check out Tessa Duc’s video from the Scary Words Contest below.

“What Tessa Dreads” by Tessa Duc

If your video is selected, you will take home a $1,000 grand prize! A winner will be selected from a 13-17 year old group and an 18 and over group. Visit the contest page below to get started. Happy filming!

13+, 60 seconds-, Deadline: April 28th 2014


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