“Appearances Matter” GIF Contest – $200


Despite what anyone says, appearances matter (and most say they do anyways). Lucky for us, we’re living in a contest world where the only appearances that truly matter, are those that end up onscreen. ProjectED, however, has decided to unleash their shallow side and launch a video contest based solely on appearances. Well…at least based on words that describe appearance. Introducing, the “Appearances Matter” GIF Contest!

To enter this contest, you’re going to select one of the following words: livid, florid, stout, lurid, bulky, blanched, blotched. Once you find a suitable word, grab the definition from the contest site and create an animated GIF that portrays that word. That means you’ll be displaying the word, definition and part of speech onscreen in your GIF. Check out the sample above to get a better idea.

The best part of all? ProjectED is giving away a $200 grand prize to the winner. And once you realize that it’s possible to create a quality GIF in minutes (Make a GIF in 5 Easy Steps), that cash becomes a great opportunity. Check out the contest page today!

GIFs are evaluated based on the following criteria, weighed equally:

  • Educational merit and accuracy: Your submission achieves the educational goals presented in the contest brief and viewers learn intended material from your video.
  • Creativity and Engagement: Your submission presents educational content in an artistic and innovative way.
  • Appropriate content: Your submission does not contain indecent, obscene, hateful, defamatory, or offensive material.
  • In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken on the basis of the tied entrants’ scores in the “Educational merit and accuracy” criteria.

13+, 5mb-, Deadline: May 19th 2014


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