“The Weather Report” GIF Contest – $200


If you’ve been following FTN for the last few months, then you know we are really loving the GIF contests hosted by ProjectED. These educational contests are not necessarily video in category, but are a creative medium that could house animation, video or stop-motion making them perfect for visual story tellers. ProjectED has just announced their “Weather Report” GIF contest and we think this is the perfect time to get your GIF game on!

To enter, select from one of the following weather-related words: dank, stagnant, balmy, glooming, dreary, humid, placid, tropics. Now it’s time to put your creative cooking hat on and throw some ingredients together.  Remember, you MUST display the word, part of speech and definition. Check out these recent ProjectED GIF winners for inspiration.

“Oopses and Uh-Oh’s Winner” – Cassie Hemsley

“Entrances and Exits Winner” – Vincent Dhan

The grand prize winner will take home a $200 cash prize plus having his or her entry showcased on the ProjectED websites and…oh yeah…BRAGGING RIGHTS! Take a look at the contest page below and start GIFFING!

13+, 5MB-, Deadline: June 2nd 2014


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