“Birds Eye” Video Assignment – $12,000


It seems like the only way for me to get a quick and/or healthy meal these days is to hit the drive through (unhealthy) or throw a frozen meal (tasteless and still not very healthy) into the microwave. That’s why I was all ears when I heard Birds Eye brand of frozen vegetables has created frozen food options that are quick, delicious and healthy. Now, they have teamed up with Poptent and are looking to get the word out with, you guessed it…video!

Create a short (15 – 30 seconds) video spot that serves as a commercial for the brand. You are targeting a demographic the company’s calling “Hectic Healthy Hopefuls.” Say what? These are woman, namely moms, who are aware of the healthy eating benefits for their families but have a busy schedule that often has them resorting to ordering out or unideal options. From a tonal standpoint, your video can range from serious and straightforward to funny and comedic. It should also reflect a helpful attitude and not feel overly preachy. Keeping in mind their message “Birds Eye Recipe Ready takes the prep time out of mealtime” will help keep you on track. Check out some inspiration samples provided by the brand.

Straight Forward Sample

Comedic Sample

Poptent has also posted some of the largest awards we have seen this year for an assignment. There are 5 guaranteed purchases with a $12,000 check going to the number 1 selection! In total, a $35,000 prize pool is up for grabs and we can’t wait to see the winning videos. Head over to the assignment page below and download the creative brief to get started. Happy filming!

18+, 15-30 seconds, Deadline: June 22nd 2014


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