Bacio Di Tosca Music Video Contest – Prize


This is a call for entries for a video contest of the song “Liebe” from the current Bacio di Tosca album! The band has already shot some footage and is looking for video creators everywhere to accentuate it with their own vision.  There are no creative limits! The only condition is that you keep the song unchanged in its entirety.


Submission Requirements:

  • The video must contain the artists footage (download links will be provided after registration)!
  • The artists footage can be modified or edited to own taste! It’s also allowed to add own content.
  • You must properly clear and credit any source film clips, images, or locations you use.
  • The audio track must be keept untouched!
  • You entitle the artists to upload your video to their Youtube and Vimeo channel!

The winner can select ONE item from the artists’ Etsy store up to 300 EUR (approximately $390 USD). Check out the contest link below to get started.

13+, Song Length, Deadline UPDATED: February 1st 2015


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