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  • 5-Hour Energy “Yummification” Video Contest – $50,000

    So what exactly is “Yummification”? The process involves taking a 5-Hour Energy drink and mixing it with your favorite beverage to create the ultimate in eye opening refreshment. What’s even better is that 5-Hour Energy has pooled together $100,000 as part of its new “Yummification” video contest in hopes of getting some amazing recipes with even better video execution.


    Keep your recipe simple. Juice, soda, tea, etc (No ALCOHOL or CAFFEINATED DRINKS/SODA) are all good examples. Next, give it a name. The more clever the better. Then create a short video that features your creation. This is where your creativity really counts and could earn you a big cash reward. Check out the sample video below for a quick reference.


    If you happen to make it into one of the top 4 spots prepare to get a larger wallet because 1st $50,000, 2nd $30,000, 3rd $10,000 and 4th $1,000 are going to be coming your way! Be sure to check out the contest page for all the rules and regulations. Good luck!

    18+, 60 seconds-, Deadline: August 19th 2014


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